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What is ITS?

The International Thespian Society is an organization dedicated to theatre!

Much like other honor societies, its goal
is to recognize the successes of those dedicated to the fine art, push its members to learn more and grow in the field,
and spread the love of theatre all across the globe.

How do I Join?

In order to be inducted into the International Thespian Society, prospective members must accumulate 10 ITS points.
These can be earned through participating in various theatre and department-related activities.

Examples of such activities include being a part of a coyote theatre production or event, watching theatrical productions

(Either those of coyote theatre's or others'), and simply helping around the department!


Why should I join?

Apart from being an honor and an amazing way to further your theatre journey, joining ITS has many benefits.

From a scholastic standpoint, being a member of ITS looks great on your high school resume, and grants you the opportunity
to earn a cord that can be ​worn at graduation.

Additionally, being a member allows you to attend the annual ITS Texas Thespians Festival. 

Attending the festival is an amazing way to grow your theatrical skills, show off your talents via competitions in every aspect of theatre, and meet new people!

Finally, being a part of the International Thespian Society
​can help you make unforgettable memories that will be cherished far into your future.

ITS Thespian
Point Submission

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