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Marble Surface

Events of the Year


Stanley Yelnats, a troubled kid who is sent to a boys' detention center, Camp Green Lake must dig holes in order to "build character." But Stanley soon realizes that this isn't the real reason they're being subjected to such treatment. The boys are digging holes because the warden is looking for something, and Stanley will do his best to dig up the truth...


Coyote Creep

Spooktober is fast approaching, and Coyote Theatre is ready for it! Join us for our annual Coyote Creep. This haunted house experience will be sure to have you looking over your shoulder and, of course, screaming.

Anatomy of Gray

Untitled design (2).png

When June's father dies, she prays for a healer to come to the small town of Gray; The next thing she knows, a man in a balloon blows into town claiming to be a doctor. At first, the new doctor cures anything and everything, but soon the town takes ill with a mysterious plague...


UIL's One-Act play competition is an amazing opportunity for schools all across Texas to display their skills and talents in a 18-40 minute play. Coyote Theatre is beyond excited to give it our all once more with another amazing production. Coming this March...


Student Body

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A group of buddies is hanging out in their campus’s theater, when a freshman arrives seeking advice. She has discovered video on her camera from last week’s party, and amid the footage is what looks like assault. As the group debates, argues, and votes (then votes again, and again), stories from that night emerge, revealing that everyone played some role in what happened, and everyone has something to lose...

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